A Diggity Dang Unicorn

I am amazing, in addition I'm a 22 year old artist and am a recent graduate from MIAD as a sculpture major. I love what I do therefor I will do what I love. I really like animals a lot it should be obvious! Horses and ungulates mostly but I love a lot of other animals. I post a lot of horses and artwork on my blog as well as stuff from TLOTR and The Hobbit and a lot if other movies I like as well as shit that's just funny! I hope to do what I love for the rest of my life and live on a farm with lots of animals.

Art blog: goatontheceilingstudio.tumblr.com

New sketchbook.  The cover was stupid so I put some scrap fabric over it.  Much better!  The only thing is the little blue sheep and kitties are upside down, while the rabbits and geese are right side up.  Oh well rabbits and geese deserve right side upness now and then.
  • 10 February 2013
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